A photo album for the USS Irex SS-482

  1. Cecil J. Jump set of six photos taken in the Fall of 1945, when the boat was stationed in Key West.
  2. Howard Finch photos showing the boat's initial armaments.
  3. More photos from the Howard Finch collection. Photographs of the shears with some crew members, and particularly Don King. Key West, second half of 1946.
  4. A photograph of the Irex taken, apparently, in Key West in 1946. It was sent by Chris Easton, son of William R. Easton, XO at the time.
  5. Another photo sent by Chis Easton of his mother, Mrs. Carmen Easton, handing out door prizes at a Christmas party in Key West, December 1946.
  6. Two photographs of the entire crew of the Irex in 1946, sent by the son of the XO at the time. In one photo the crew stands on the pier, with the Irex in the background. The other photo shows the crew perched on the shears.
  7. A group of Irex sailors ashore in Portsmouth toward the end of 1946. This visit to the yards was for installation of the snorkel.
  8. A set of photos that apparently are of the construction of a metal sail to accommodate the new snorkel. If so, then Portsmouth, February 1947.
  9. Howard Finch Two photos that show the original shears and then the first sail which accommodated the newly installed snorkel
  10. A collection of photos from the Howard Finch collection offering various shots of the Irex in about 1947–1948.
  11. From the Howard Finch collection: snapshot of Donald King and Martin Weisz on the sub base in about 1947–1948.
  12. From the Howard Finch collection. Pictures of a party held in Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA, in 1948. A photo of officers sitting down for a meal, but perhaps at the same party.
  13. From the Howard Finch collection. The same Christmas party held in December 1948.
  14. A set of photographs of crew members in about 1948.
  15. A set of photos showing Engine Room interiors, with Howard Finch and Jim Flemming in about 1948.
  16. A photo of the Irex steaming at sea. This shows the 1949–1954 sail that accommodated the snorkel, but retained the forward gun.
  17. The story of the painting of a nude that once decorated the wardroom, but went astray.
  18. A photograph of about 2 May 1950 taken right after the ceremony by which Captain McCarty assumed command, showing most of the crew (but not Captain McCarty) posed in the fashion typical of fleet submarines.
  19. A ship's party held in May of 1951 for some reason. Photo provided by Milton Speer's son.
  20. The Irex was selected to represent a fleet type boat at the laying of the keel of the USS Nautilus. This photo of the boat attending that event is of 14 June 1952.
  21. A photograph of a ship's party that took place in about 1952–1953. Sixty-two officers and crew are shown here, of which thirty-nine are identified.
  22. Some photos owned by Milton Speer that show him literally neck deep in work and the Irex in 1954
  23. Robert Laurie photo: a 1955 ship's party
  24. A set of photos from Bob Laurie showing torpedo recovery at sea.
  25. Another set of photos from Bob Laurie, tying up while torpedo crane is assembled, in about 1956.
  26. Yet another set of photos from Bob Laurie taken in the Crew's Mess during the showing of a movie.
  27. Two photos from Bob Laurie that I believe convey nicely one aspect of submarine life. A wintery outside view of the boat; two sit and converse in the Engine Room.
  28. A group of photos from Bob Laurie showing the morning muster and some topside work in the 1955–58 period.
  29. Fred Reising photos of the visit to Monaco, January–February 1956.
  30. Fred Reising photo of a party held in 1956 to raise money for the slush fund.
  31. Captain Gallemore congratulates Chief Torpedoman John “Dutch” VanDerHeiden, presumably when he replaced “Dutch” Larch as COB in 1956.
  32. A photo of the non-engineering deck ratings, late 1956. The new metal sail seen in the background.
  33. Photos taken from the USS Grenadier SS-525 during a high-line transfer in early 1957 off Bermuda.
  34. An official Navy photo of boats tied up at the lower base in Groton in 1957. The second boat in is the Irex.
  35. A picture of the Irex sailing down the Thames, past State Pier in New London. The photo appears to be from about 1958, for it has the “E” pennant and the new fiberglass sail.
  36. Joe O'Brien photo taken in the crew's mess in about 1958–59.
  37. A photograph of the ceremony in which Lt.Cmdr. Gallemore is relieved by Captain Smith in June of 1958.
  38. A photo of the Irex at sea, date as well as its source are unknown.
  39. Two shots of the sail damage resulting from a north Atlantic storm. The initial damage in February 1960 and the sail subsequently in March 1960 after the damaged portions had been removed back in New London.
  40. Dick Brazzale's “Christmas Card photo (probably taken mid 1960), showing the fiberglass sail. Taken off the Connecticut shore before the end of 1960.
  41. A photograph from Bob Souden showing the Irex, tied up to a pier at the base in Groton. View of the sail from astern, with diving tower in the background
  42. Captain Apthorp sent out Christmas cards to the crew's families. This card was sent to Bob Souden's folks in December 1960.
  43. A group of photos from Bob Souden QMC (SS), showing the dunking given to a newly qualified engineman which turned into a chaotic swim party. Off Bermuda, early 1961.
  44. A couple photos of the Irex tied to the USS Hardhead (SS-365) in Bermuda, apparently on the visit there of January 1961.
  45. Another group of five photos from Bob Souden. These were taken in the Forward Torpedo Room, in 1960–1961.
  46. Yet another group of three photos from Bob Souden, taken in the Crew's Mess, in 1960–1961.
  47. On the Med cruise of August to November 1961, the boat apparently did a torpedo recovery and had swim call before heading in to Valetta, Malta. A set of photos from Bob Souden of the swim call.
  48. Another group of photographs from Bob Souden. They were taken in Athens while on the Mediterranean cruise of the Fall of 1961. Also a return to Malta, where the Irex is tied up next to the USS Shark (SSN-591).
  49. A commercial photo of the Irex sailing off the coast of Malta on 9 September 1961.
  50. Another group of photographs from Bob Souden, taken during the Med cruise of Fall 1961. These are photos of an exercise with Army Rangers, who from their rafts photographed the Irex submerging. Then a swim call.
  51. On Armed Froces Day, 20 May 1964, the Irex took some reservists from Providence to sea, and on this trip the newspaper took some interior shots while submerged.
  52. The submarines Hardhead (SS-365), another submarine, and the Irex tied up at piers on the Lower Base in New London, in about 1965.
  53. A postal cover mailed from the Irex in Groton, November 1964. Irex return address.
  54. Glenn Faus photo of the Irex at sea taken in about 1964–1965.
  55. Glenn Faus has provided photos of an interesting Squadron 8 commemorative keychain fob. Tentatively, it is from 1964.
  56. Glenn Faus provides a nice photograph of the Irex taken through the periscope of another submarine.
  57. A silhouette photo of the Irex. Date unknown.
  58. A set of photos provided by Grant Chambers QM2 (SS) from a Mediterranean cruise, probably the one in January 1968. France, Naples and back in New London.
  59. Another set of photos from Grant Chambers, showing a swimming party in the Caribbean, probably in 1968.
  60. Grant Chambers offers a set of photos showing the Irex recovering a torpedo at sea in the Straits of Messinia, Greece. Probably taken on the Med cruise of early 1969.
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