The USS Irex SS-482: Provincetown Party, 1948

[ Provincetown party 1 ] From the Finch collection. A party that took place in Provinceton, MA. Some of the names are written in: Ben Sikora, Howard Finch, Langford, Don King, Martin Weisz (aboard 1946–1949), Jim Sutton (aboard 1947–1948), Emery “Cass” Castimore, and Albert Babb.

[ Provincetown party 2 ] [ Provincetown party 3 ]

A detail from the above photo. That's Howard Finch to the left. To the right is a shot of another group of revellers at the same party.

[ Provincetown party 4 ] Not at all clear whether this group of officers were at the same party. They look strangly proper.

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