The USS Irex SS–482: Swim call, Malta Fall 1961

In a group of photographs of the Irex visit to Valetta, Malta, in the Fall of 1961 are the following shots of a swim call. The photographs were provided by Bob Souden QMC (SS), but apparently taken by Carl Chagnon TM2 (SS)

[ Malta swim call a ] The boat heeled over for a swim call and bottom scraping. The torpedo recovery crane suggests this was taken after a torpoedo recovery oiperation. Seated is Carl Chagnon TM2 (SS). On the bridge, although too small to make out, are ENS O'Brien, Chief Greenwood RMC (SS) and Mack TM3 (SS).

[ Malta swim call b ] Swim call. The boat is floated high enough so that the tank tops becomes a nice beachfront property.

[ Malta swim call c ] A shot taken of an unidentified person lounging againts the torpedo recovery crane.

[ Malta swim call d ] Convenient way to hold on or to hoist oneself onto the tank tops.

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