The USS Irex SS-482: In Key West

A set of photos from the Howard Finch collection, evidently taken in Key West in second half of 1946.

[ KeyWest 1 ] Some crew members gathered aft of the shears. Here are Captain Ward, Mr. Snyder, R. MCray, E.S. McMullen, L.G. McBride, F. Thiry, “Swede” Larson, A.R. Buzinec, R. Gillette, G. Hagen, G.R. Cheney, D.L. Battista, “Bucky” Walters, M.S. Weisz, E. Castimore, McD. E. Taylor. Photo associated with the crew's being softball champs in 1946.

[ KeyWest 2 ] [ KeyWest 3 ] [ KeyWest 4 ]

Photos of the shears, two of which feature Don King.

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