The USS Irex SS–482:
In the Straits of Messinia, 1968/69

These photos provided by Grant Chambers QM2 (SS) are of the Mediterranan cruise of early 1969 (although possibly the cruise of January 1968. They show the Irex passing through the Straits of Messinia.

[ Irex Straits of Messinia 1 ]

The first photo shows the top of the sail from the position of the port lookout. Seen here are the snorkle valve and whip antenna.

[ Irex Straits of Messinia 2 ] [ Irex Straits of Messinia 3 ]

Torpedo recovery at sea. In the left photo are Bob Peterson and Grant Chambers. In the right photo, Bob Peterson again, Pappy [I don't have the full name, but I'm trying to find out if it is Paul “Pappy” Papineau] and Bruce Keswick.

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