The USS Irex SS–482:
Photos provided by Grant Chambers, probably taken during and shortly after the Med cruise of January 1968

[ Irex in Naples 1] This shot of the Irex in Naples harbor, with a guided missile cruiser in the background, is probably from the 1968 Med cruise because Grant Chambers, topside watch, is here a seaman.

[ Irex in Naples 2] Same as before, but the boat as a whole can be seen. All hatches open.

[ Irex in France ] Irex in France, with French sub in background. Looks like Chambers is in the center. One person flanking him is named Horde [other name unknown].

[ Irex in New London] The Irex tied up in New London, apparently after returning from the Med cruise of January 1968. The familiar “blow and go” tower in the background looks like it is being deconstructed.

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