The USS Irex SS–482: Exercise with Army Rangers

While on the Mediterranean cruise of August to November 1961, and apparently after leaving Malta and Greece, the Irex engaged in an exercise with US Army Rangers, who apparently were practicing embarking on rafts.

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rangers 1 ] [ exercise with 
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rangers 4 ]

Apparently, after leaving the rangers adrift, the Irex submerged. Note the torpedo recovery crane and raised periscope. These photos were taken from the rafts and are provided by Bob Souden.

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rangers 5 ] [ exercise with 
rangers 6 ] [ exercise with 
rangers 7 ]

The photo to the left shows Bob Souden, and behind him are the rafts of the Rangers. The Irex took advantage of the situation by holding another swim call. In the middle photo, swimming in the water are the XO, LT Groder, and LT Schiwitz. The right photo shows Nichols ET3 (SS) and Forrester MM3 (SS).

[ exercise with
Rangers 8 ] [ exercise with
Rangers 9 ]

A little hard to explain. It seems that some of the crew had been water skying and flying kites from one of the Army Ranger rafts, and when the Irex began to submerge, they rushed back to get aboard. Here are Ryel IC3 (SS), LT Schiwitz, and the XO, LT Groder, trying to find an open hatch. I don't know the outcome of their effort.

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