The Lady

U.S.S. Irex (482) Newsletter, Vol. 12-2, July 2006, p. 15

[ nude painging ] A full-colored version of the painting to the right apparently hung in the Wardroom of IREX for a while, then disappeared. There are two versions of her traveling:

Version #1: The painting was mounted in the Wardroom when IREX went in the yard for overhaul, and a “yard bird” stole it before it could be removed for safekeeping.

Version #2: While alongside the USS SEA LEOPARD (SS 483) in the Med, a few officers from the LEOPARD came aboard and stole it. About 4 months ago, the gent who does for LEOPARD much the same as I do for IREX saw my name on-line and contacted me, informing me he had the painting, and asked if I wanted a copy. Of course, I tried to sweet talk him into sending me the original for old time sake, to no avail. It seems he sells copies for $10.00 at their reunions and gatherings.

Who to believe? Does anyone have anything to embellish, or add to either of these?

Did the painting have a name or nickname? Where did the painting originate?

I'd be happy to give anyone equal time—just don't name any of the guilty parties.

[There are several mysteries concerning this painting, such as whether there may not have been two at different times. See the further discussion for conflicting views.]

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