A set of links for the USS Irex SS-482

Specifically for the Irex

  1. Dictionary of American Fighting Ships, Irex page. This is the source for a number of other Irex pages, such as that in Wikipedia and that transcribed by Yves Hubert. Basically an overview of technical information and historical sketch.
  2. Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940–1945: SS-482 USS Irex. A brief set of specs and a link to Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships—USS Irex. This is part of a Hypertext History of the Second World War.
  3. The United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. web page. This website has a page for the Irex, and it has a Groton Base page that is not the same as the USSVI Groton Base page. The latter has Base Events that include local Irex gatherings.
  4. Glen Faus has a USS Irex (SS-482) page compiled by SUBNET from Dictionary of American Fighting Ships, Navy Department, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Naval History Division, Washington, D.C., and U.S. Naval Submarine Force Information Book, J. Christley (1995). Includes a link to the superb set of photos provided by Howard Finch, some of which I've also used with permission.
  5. The Irex page for NavSource Online offers a great set of photos (some other than the ones I've included here), with accompanying information.
  6. Pet Love Shack, USS Irex (SS-482) shows an Irex first-day cover (you philatelists will know what this is), with a link to other submarine covers.
  7. YouTube offers a brief video on the Tench class submarines, showing the Sirago SS-485 and some footage of the Irex.
  8. An Irex page of links.
  9. Wikipedia now has an Irex page.
  10. Uboat.net has a skeleton page for the Irex.
  11. Report of a lighting survey made March 1963 which noted that the bare incadescent bulbs in work areas far below acceptable levels, and it recommends their replacement with fluorescent fixtures.

Other links

  1. The Tench Class Submarines site lists the boats in the class with some disposition information about each.
  2. For the history of the snorkel in the US Navy (not the prior developments in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, see Submarine snorkel system development in the US Navy. Extracted from Warship International, Volume 41 Numbers 1 and 4.
  3. A useful history of the GUPPY program, including the relation of the Irex snorkel conversion to it.
  4. A page of Sub Sounds, some authentic, some reproduction. Here's another Index of Submarine Sounds. I've not searched for such pages, but stumbled on these.
  5. Basic Enlisted Submarine School, class photos & rosters. A monumental task under construction, but now has 603 class photos and an attempt to reconstruct rosters. A private rather than official site.
  6. Ron Martini's Submarine World Network offers a large directory of submarine links. Also an alphabetical Directory of On-Line Submariners, a BBS, sources of information, and an index of sub web pages.
  7. The hull number site is a registry of crew members for various submarines, here the Irex. A few (including myself) have logged in. Keep in mind that Al Hahn maintains the “official” crew member roster for the Irex.
  8. Chief of Naval Operations, Submarine Warfare Division, Submarine History. A rich source of information, including a page of links to official sites and a bibliography (including a list of movies).
  9. The Silent Service Ring is a rich collection of links to sub pages, but I'm not sure it works very well.
  10. Naval Historical Center. Some useful support for naval history.
  11. The Becuna website. The Becuna can be visited in Philadelphia and fortunately has much of the original equipment in place.
  12. The Goat Locker site has a Deck Log. The Irex is represented in it by several crew members.
  13. The Decklog site has a Navy Veteran & Reunion Locator utility for finding shipmates and reunions.
  14. United States Submarine Veterans home page. A wide variety of information and services, including a search for members and ship's store.
  15. A link to the Philadelphia Navy Yard ex-employee web site. Photos and recollections, but nothing specific to the Irex.
  16. The Alliance of Military Reunions website provides Irex reunion report.

This set of links was last updated on 12 February 2010. Please let me know of any needed additions or corrections. I omit a variety of commercial pages. There is a variety of Irex paraphernalia for sale on line of various quality and interest. Note that Al Hahn makes hats and patches available to crew members at a reduced price.

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