The history of the USS Irex SS-482:
Apr 1966–Mar 1968,
under Captain Denbigh

[ Irex at sea ca. 1965 ] In April 1966, CDR Robert Sipp Denbigh, Jr. relieved Captain Murray. In around the 1967 period the Execitive Officers were Joack McKee and then Ray Springer. The COB until 1966 was FTC Carl Lotze.

On 4 May 1966, the Irex made her 10,000th dive while providing Sub School services. This involved the usual cake-cutting ceremony.

[ sail ] [ sail ] In June 1966, the Irex left for Philadelphia for a battery replacement, which was followed by a regular shipyard overhaul during the Winter of 1966–67. The Philadelphia yard workers photographed the interior and the exterior of the Northern Sail, and I'm guessing it was at this point in 1966, for the sail has the Squadron 8 insignia, although possibly these could date from when the sail was first installed, July 1957

Bruce Keswick was the third cook after, he believes, Chief Stiles and Patrick “Charlie” Brown. He also reports that in the 1967–69 time frame the boat visited Bermuda twice and Halifax once, beside the two Mediterranean cruises, but I don't have the dates.

In 1967 the boat again provided Sub School services. In March 1967, there was a visit to the boat in New London by the Boy Scouts. When in San Juan, she was visited by the general public.

On 22 May 1967, there were 2000 visitors on Armed Forces day, and that was a record number.

In July and August, the boat took three midshipmen along for a six-week experience of ASW while operating out of New London and on a trip to Jacksonville and Bermuda.

Captain Denbigh was relieved of duty on 1 March 1968.

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