Submarine Runs over Car

In a communication from Bill Blevins' son, 29 April, 2008

Mom and Dad are still doing well at 84 and 93. Recently, dad took a spill practicing his pool game and broke his pelvic bone, but seems to be healing well and hopefully he will return from the rehab center soon. He can still shoot pool well though I can now occasionally beat him.

I read mention on your site a reference to the “Submarine Runs over Car” story. I remember being told that story when I was a boy, and actually saw a few years ago the old news clipping my mom put in her scrapebook....

If I remember the story correctly, it seems that the Captain preferred to let the XO bring the boat in while the night before he liked to “celebrate” a successful mission. However, on this occasion, as they were coming in, they learned that the boat was going to be met by the Admiral. That being the case the Captain had to unanticipatedly take command of the docking. Being a bit disoriented, his commands were not exactly accurate, hence the “accident” occurred. Anyway, that is how it was related to me and the stories my dad told me have always been accurate.

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