Last Visit to the Philadelphia Navy Yard

Communications from Ron Reeves, January 2009

Ron worked in the Yard when the Irex made her last visit and has been helpful. The Yard website has some photos and recollections, but off hand nothing specifically on the Irex

On 13 September 1971, [the Irex] was sold to NA Smelting, and scrapped in Burlington, NJ which is about 10 miles from where I live. They cut up Hitler's Yacht there too. A lot of the old boats died there as well. The monetary price you have is correct. She was towed to ISMF Philadelphia on or about 30 November 1969, for storage. The decommissioning date is also her strike date

Philly closed in September 1996, and I was one of the last in our shop to be there before transferring out in July. Go to our website...

I think the original parts of the plastic sail were still on the boat when she decommissioned. There were probably minor SHIPALTS done to it over time due to deterioration, but the concept worked. I spent many a day on the 'rail' and Pier "D" at the yard, and the building at the head of the rail had an office on the second deck facing the street where our shop's office was, I used to grap 40 winks there many times. the rail is still there, in working order...The pier is gone rotted away in the 70's.

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