Letter from Jim Schellenberg

This package ought to surprise you. I know you will know what to do with it. I'm sure this is the original negative tank gauge. What memories, huh? Everyone who served aboard IREX from the beginning until 1960 had this gauge as an important part of their lives.

BLOW NEGATIVE TO THE MARK! How many times do you suppose this gauge heard those words?

Yea I know, how did I get it? And for all those years?

1960 was an important year in my life. IREX was in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard for a general overhaul & battery replacement. I had a couple weeks off during these months to get married to my wonderful wife (of 44 years now.) We had 4 children, and now have 7 precious grandchildren.

During this time, negative tank gauge was replaced with a new one as part of the general overhaul. The old gauge ended up topside somehow and kicked around for quite sometime. I would see it laying there as I came and went and as I stood watch. Yes, we stood watch around the clock even in dry dock Well, one day I got to thinking the gauge would make a great souvenir from my time on board.

Well, now you know how I got hold of it. It has been kicking around in my attic all these years. I lost track of where it was up there until this morning when I stumbled onto it.

It is obvious I'm going to do nothing with it. You expressed interest in one of your letters of getting any artifacts we might have. So here it is for whatever you decide.

/s/ Jim Schellenberg

Wally K. replies:

Jim—Thanks!—The powers that be at the USSVI Clubhouse on Groton have agreed to mount the gauge in the Club. I'll get a nameplate made, and publish a photo of it in a future newsletter.

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