Keeping the Irex alive

By Al Hahn

At 10:00 a.m. Monday morning in Granby, Connecticut, the Irex got underway and maneuvered through the center of Granby. With the streets lined with Memorial Day parade onlookers, the Irex traveled the mile route to Granby Cemetery where Memorial Services were held. During the Services, there was mention of the Irex float and the 100th Anniversary of “The Silent Service”.

[ Irex model ]

The float, containing a 12 foot replica of the USS Irex (SS482), was decked out with both the Silent Service 100th Anniversary banner, and the Submarine Veterans' emblem. On the backside was the original brow skirt from the 1950s. I also handed out an informational pamphlet on the Irex that my wife Terry updated.

Over the July 4 weekend, the float was on display at the American Legion Hall on Route 189 (North Granby Road) in Granby, Connecticut.

The project took 10 months to complete and it was my way of informing people about submarines and the 100 anniversary. The overwhelming response from the crowd made it all worthwhile.

I have been asked by the American Legion Post of Granby to take the float to Hartford for the Veterans Day Parade on November 11 2000. Maybe we'll see some of you there!

Editors Note: The above photo was copied from the latest issue of The American Submariner, the USSVI magazine, and shows Al with his Irex model. I have another photo, showing Al marching alone, right behind the float, during the Granby parade. Atta boy All Nice Job. We re all proud of you. I'd be in Hartford for the parade, but it would be a long commute from Bali, then back to Perth.

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