USS Irex (SS-482) reunions

Current reunion plans

For information on coming events, contact Al Hahn, or tel. 860 841-3156.

At at date to be announced, there will be a second Florida lunch in March 2010 in Orlando Florida.

The history of reunions and other gatherings

  1. In 1993 Ron Liles started tracking down ex-shipmates, and as a result was able to hold a beer bust at the U.S. Submarine Veterans of WWIII Annual Convention in Anaheim CA in the Fall of 1993, at which nine men showed up: Hugh Doran (deceased), Harry Flom, John Hornik, John Kelsey, Ron Liles, Howard McPherson, Al Perella, Jim Reynolds and Don Watje.
  2. Norfolk on 6 October 1994 aboard the MS Spirit of Norfolk. Twenty two crew members were able to attend this first Irex reunion. Lunch, cruise and entertainment aboard the MS Spirit of Norfolk. [ photo ]
  3. Doubletree Hotel, Salt Lake City, 1 September 1995. A reunion to mark the 50th anniversary of the boat's launch. 28 were able to attend. Luncheon, participation in the U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II Forthy First Convention, auction.
  4. Mader's restaurant, Milwaukee, 3rd reunion was held during US Sub-Vets Annual Convention on 3 September 1996. This reunion was held in conjunction with that of the USS Sealion and Atule. There were about 22 crew members present. Guest of Honor was RADM Norvel G. “Bub” Ward, captain from January 1946 until August 1947.
  5. Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas 1997, October 5–9. This fourth reunion was held in conjunction with the Sub-Vets Convention. 36 crew members were in attendance, thirty guests, and at the Convention, but unable to attend the Irex luncheon were three other crewmembers. Captain McCarthy was present.
  6. In 8 November 1997 there was held an Eastern region beer bust in Groton for those in the area unable to make it to the reunion in Las Vegas. At least 25 crew members attended, including Dutch Larch. Displayed was the bow canvas used for decommisioning, owned by Charlie Ames.
  7. Hyatt Regency Hotel, Albuquerque, September 3–7, 1998. In conjunction again with the Sub-Vets convention. Only twenty five attended, which was a little disappointing.
  8. Another “Irex East” was held in Groton at the Club House on 14 November 1998, with 22 sailors present. A tour of the USS Dallas. Pizza.
  9. In Fort Worth, 1–4 September 1999. there was a luncheon. Attendance was sparse, about eight plus wives.
  10. Best Western, Mystic reunion, April 28–30, 2000. Forty shipmates attended. A big success. It went very smoothly. Coley Joyce has written an extensive commentary on the reunion.
  11. St. Louis, August 21–27, 2001 a last minute gathering at the Sub-Vets convention. An Irex breakfast.
  12. An Irex East afternoon beer bust at the US Submarine Veterans clubhouse in Groton on October 27, 2001.
  13. Buffalo, August 2002. A meeting to be organized at the last minute in association with the Sub-Vets convention. An Irex breakfast was cobbled together at the convention hotel. Captain McCarty was present but unable to be at the Irex table.
  14. Mystic, May 2–3, 2003. A full-blown weekend reunion. Good times had by all. Besides crewmembers, about thirty guests attended. Hotel hospitality and restaurant were good, and there were available first day covers, preprints of the group photo from the 2000 reunion, reunion bottons, brow canvas. No formal group picture, but the U.S.S. Irex (SS482) Newsletter cover has head shots.
  15. At the joint USVWWI and USVI convention in Reno, September 2003, there was a gathering of a few Irex folk in the hospitality room.
  16. Irex get-together in Groton on September 25, 2004. There were two previous afternoon get-togethers at the clubhouse, in the Fall of 1998 and 2001. Fourteen shipmates in attendence; about forty people altogether.
  17. Irex 3rd reunion, at the Comfort Inn, Groton, May 18–21, 2006. Saturday luncheon at the Groton Motor Inn, a visit to the sub school. Twenty-five shipmates attended, with about fifteen guests. Thursday evening social; Friday attended a Sub School graduation; to the Base galley for lunch. Saturday lunch at Groton Motor Inn with a speaker. An enjoyable weekend.
  18. A photo of the hastily arranged Irex breakfast at the Orlando USVWWII National Convention.
  19. Some Irex folks got together the the USSVI convention in Little Rock and following it the USSVWWII convention in Laughlin, NV.
  20. Again, some of the Irex crew met during the 2007 National Convention of the Submarine Veterans, Inc., which took place aboard the Ms. Oosterdam during an Alaska cruise. Following the cruise, a dinner at the Tacoma Yacht Club for Irex crew members participating on the cruise was put together by Dave Richards ('57–58).
  21. A luncheon was held on 20 October 2007 at the Groton Submarine Veterans Club in Groton. Thirteen crew members and four spouses were able to make it. The main purpose was to pay tribute to Wally and Fran Krupenevich.
  22. There was an Irex reunion held in Winter Park, Florida, on 11 March 2008. There eleven shipmates and their wives who attended. [group photo]
  23. A reunion was held on May 14, 15 and 16 at the Comfort Inn in Mystic, CT. Eighty-four crew members were present. The guest speaker was Captain Ken Swan, CO of Submarine Learning Center. [inside photos] and [outside photos]
  24. Despite the rain, an annual lunch was held at the Submarine Veterans Club, 40 School Street, Groton, CT, on Saturday 3 October 2009. First timers were Bill Hannon and Tom Quinn. No photos were taken.
  25. The 2012 reunion will be held on May 14-17 at the Radison Hotel in New London. Reception at the hotel is on Monday; activities on Tuesday, planned trip to Subbase and a banquet dinner on Wednesday, farewell brunch with speaker on Thurday.

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