The USS Irex SS-482:
Letter from the crew (excerpt)

From George Boyle EMFN (SS)

Upon completion of SubSch, 6 volunteers from my class had orders to the Nautilus … and a second set of orders to Diesel boats. All 6 of us took the Nautilus.

So, upon reporting aboard, I was quickly introduced to Jack Baird, CSl (SS), and Tommy Dean CS2 (SS) to commence mess cooking.

During my tour on Nautilus, I was requested by the XO to make a choice, NucSch or a diesel boat, draft of people coming from Idaho and they needed my bunk. Took NucSch. Strange, same 6 from SubSch was also transferred.

In April of 1957 the 6 of us were transferred to the USS IREX (SS482). Me as a submarine qualified hot running EMFN(SS). First morning I reported aboard, I met my Chief, (Ha Ha no first class cook, no mess cooking) and he introduced me and my partner in crime Bob Stroud EMFN(SS) to the battery well. “Hay Chief, what are all these large black plastic tubes connected to the top of these cells?” “Closed cell ventilation, where the hell did you get qualified?” “Sorry we had open cell ventilation”. There went two sets of dungarees. The ones I was wearing in the well and the pair I laid them on in my bunk bag. WELCOME ABOARD!!

I don't remember much more about my tour, but I sure will remember my first day aboard Irex. Transferred to NucSch July 1957.

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