The USS Irex SS-482: Sub school services

Recollection by Bill Enneis, fall 1965

I first saw Irex in the fall of 1965 when I was in subschool. We went to sea for a day on her, and I recall our instructor telling us beforehand that Irex was a good boat and we were fortunate to be going out on her. We were all excited, apprehensive of course, to be going out on an operating submarine for the first time. We had been on a few tied up in port, but this was a first time trip out on one. We did everything, stood watches, took tours, etc. I recall eating the noon meal and having Boston Brown Bread, the best bread I had and have ever eaten. Submarine food remains the best, period, hands down.

I later went to STS “A” school in Key West, then on to USS Tirante (SS420) where I qualified in submarines. I was on 420 from 1966–68.

There is nothing like the diesel boats—the sight, sound, and smell of one has to be savored by the senses to be understood. And we were all like brothers, whom I miss terribly to this day.

Just thought I would write and tell you about my brief encounter with Irex, and reach across the years when we both wore younger mens' clothes and uniforms. Fairbanks-Morse motive power forever! Now station the maneuvering watch!

Bill Enneis
USS Tirante (SS420)

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