Captain Gallemore, Recollections of Captain Ted Snyder

16 September 2007

These remarks were passed along by Captain Gallemore's son, Bruce.

The ‘E’ displayed by Irex during my first year of command was awarded to Cdr Ted Snyder, who preceded me, for his outstanding leadership and the crew's performance during his second year in command of Irex. He was very ably assisted by a most talented group of officers and crew including Lando Zech, his Executive Officer and Chief Larch, his Chief-of-the-Boat, both of whom were detached shortly after the ‘E’ was awarded. Chief Larch went immediately to be the first Chief-of-the-Boat on Nautilus, our first nuclear submarine. Lando Zech was later promoted to Admiral, and was considered by all of us who know him to be one of the outstanding Navy leaders of the turbulent 60's and 70's. I wish space permitted some account of the other talented officers and men of Irex.

Capt J.G. Gallemore, USN (Ret.)

Captain Gallemore and his wife currently live in Silver Spring, MD. Captain Snyder lives in Florida, but is in failing health.

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