Irex hits 9000

All Hands, “Today's Navy” section, pg. 6

This article comes from Glen Faus. In one version it is on page 6, but in another, on page 44. Here I've attached the best photo to a transcript of the article. It seems the article dates from about May 1964.

 [9000th dive]

There are stories about yeomen who don't like to type, aviators who don't like to fly and, of course, sailors who don't like to go to sea. If there is such a thing as a submariner who doesn't like to dive, he should employ all possible devices to avoid being assigned to duty aboard USS Irex (SS 482).

On the other hand, if you like to dive, this is the place for you. In the first 19 years of this sub's service in the Navy, Irex completed 9000 dives. This averages out to 1.29 dives a day, 365 days per year for 19 years.

On board for the occasion was a man who helped start on the road to 9000, CDR S.T. Bussey USN, Commander Submarine Division 81 was a member of the commissioning crew when Irex made her first dive in May 1945. He dropped in to perform diving officer duties for number 9000.

After the dive, the occasion was commemorated by a cake cutting (and eating) ceremony in the crew's mess.

It is not unfitting that the Irex should mark this achievement, for she comes from a diving family. Three other subs in her class (Tench) completed their 10,000 dives in 1960.

Irex was authorized by Congress on 17 June 1940. She was launched on 7 Oct 1944 at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and was commissioned on 14 May 1945.

In February 1948 Irex was recipient of the first snorkel installation to be put on an operational submarine in the Navy.

The Ship is presently assigned to Submarine Squadron Eight in New London, Conn., and was at sea for an operational readiness inspection when the 9000th dive took place. Her CO is LCDR Howard R. Portnoy, USN.

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